Our Story

~Our Firm Foundation~

We Celebrate and Honor our Founder.. our mom, grandmother, our fearless matriarch!
Tiny in stature but larger than life, Edith Ivey was a woman with a vision well before her time. Establishing her own company in a male dominated field was almost something unheard of. In 1962 her vision became reality and Carol’s was born. A southern fashion house that was built to empower women of all beautiful shapes, sizes, and ages. We hold these founding principles so dear to our hearts and strive daily to carry that torch and help all women feel beautiful!

Quiet and reserved, Mrs Ivey was living proof that a fierce warrior can indeed have a gentle soul.
The world needs more kind, humble, compassionate, fierce, hard working, persevering women💗
Here’s to strong women everywhere..
May we know them,
May we Be Them… May we Raise Them!💗